Friday, June 29, 2012


Jam dua pagi, aku jenguk bulan. Bulan yang cantik itu masih gagah, masih kuat dalam gelap gelita. Masih gagah menerangi setiap inci dunia. Masih setia disitu, setia menunggu. Bulan, terima kasih untuk senyuman yang terukir di bibir ini. Selamat yang kesebelas, sayang.

Jalang eh jalan #1

Managed to squeeze some time to spent with my lovely housemates. We headed to Bandaraya Melaka last night at 10pm. To Kampung Mortem we go ! Ehehehe the view was fascinating. Dah lama tak nampak rumah kampung, yang betul betul macam rumah dulu dulu. Then we watched Abraham Lincoln at 1250. Hehehe nothing much to say but i had a wonderful night with them. 

Dan tadi petang, we went to Tg.Bidara ! Mandi pantai ehehehe kenyang minum air laut. And we jumped into the water dari jambatan tinggi almost 3m i think. Tinggi okay. You know what, i think i sucks in telling stories. Malas nak cerita mcm mana bibik almost lemas sampai nak kena asthma tak boleh nafas and so all. Urghh bibik being bibik. Drama queen. 

Jambatan Kg Sg Mortem, eh ?

To Tg.Bidara we go! p/s : I dnt know how to rotate this picture sorry maklumlah org zaman dulu tak reti teknologi.

The babest babe of all babes, Ash Kamal <3

And.. i have module ppkp to attend tomorrow. Shall hit the sack now. Goodnight honeybuns ! :*

Thursday, June 21, 2012


And ahahaha i found this too. I cant even... We're so retarded haha and yeah i updated my blog twice today. Brb laughing my ass off. Toodles sweet chikas ! 


Found this pictures on facebook. Ya Allah, i miss them so much. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I remember that day
The white polo you're wearing and the big grin you gave me..

I will always be there, till the end of time insyaAllah. 
Happy 10th monniversary sweetheart.

Semester 4

Hellooo semester 4 ! Looking foward for this semester. Staying at rental house with only 3 subjects(what sorcery is this i know) this semester. Geezzz tak harus lalai. And oh i know my blog is the lame-est( does this word even exist) among all. Study hard, study smart . Enjoy your new semester sweet cheeks *hugs*