Saturday, September 17, 2011

I’m scared I won’t add up to your expectations. I’m not perfect, I’m not gorgeous, I don’t have the prettiest smile . I’m not always going to look my greatest. I’m not always going to know the right thing to say & the right time to say it. I am very emotional and I do have pretty bad mood swings. I usually overreact over dumb little things and cry over nothing. I get jealous but that only proves that I care enough not to lose you. I’m impatient, insecure and at times, selfish. But I’m trusting you with something I know you can break. I’m going to trust you with everything I’ve got an put my heart out for everyone to see. I’m going to accept you for the person you are and love you. So if you choose to love me, then love me for me - for who I am, for what I hope to become, for the drama that you’re going to have to go through and for the flaws that I come with.