Monday, August 8, 2011

Im still alive but im barely breathing..

Sigh.. Tu saja yang aku mampu. Mengeluh . I was hoping for you to be happy. But now some of your best days have become my worst. I know I shouldnt have this feeling but somehow, you know he used to be something to me. Something , urgh how should i say this. Lets just say that he means a lot to me. And it hurts you know when someone who used to be your everything decided to act like he dont know you at all, like you dont ever exist. And then he started to put all the blame on you. And now you got your freedom. Like what you wanted at first. I decided to move on, when all your friend told me not to wait for you any longer. 'Dah lah you, dia takkan berubah. Dia cuma akan lukakan hati you. Tolonglah bukak mata you dekat orang yang betul betul boleh hargai you' K thats what your best friend told me. Your very best friend. And now im moving on, but when i make it official to the public, some of them was like ' Moving on is it ? Lol' 'So much for moving on ?' etc etc. Weyyy korang nak apa ? Hidup, mahu kau itu apa ? Aku letih macam ni. I just wanted to be happy. So pleaseee ? And now you finally met a girl who's going to put you first, after a day I make it official on twitter. And nobody say a bloody word bout it. Nobody. Everyone was like 'hey siapa N tu nak tgk gambar ' Dan si perempuan tu , trying to be protective is it ? Aku nampak permainan kau. Permainan kotor kau.Cukuplah perempuan, biar tenang hidup aku.
All these while when i ask you to come clean to me, bout all the girls at your college, at matrics, you keep on denying bout it. 'Mana ada, mana ada ' Yeah semuanya mana ada. Mana ada aku baca inbox kau bersayang bagai dengan si rambut maggi tu ? Mana ada kau menggedik dengan senior kau ? And just now kau upload album dengan senior kau tu overnight sana sini ? Mana ada kau kenal kau kata ?
Sudahlah, they say bad things happen for reason but somehow no wise words can stop all the bleeding. Be happy, stop calling me with bad names, cause i'd never ever do that to you even im freaking mad at you. I misses our memories even thinking bout it suffocate me. I can never get the chance to clean the air to our friends but, Allah know everything. Thats more than enough to me. 

And, Ya Allah, thank you for everything. Im way happier with my life now. With my boo. I know he would never do those thing like what you've done to me. He appreciates me. We dont put high expectation cause we're too afraid of dissapointment. And we never promise each other the world or whatever like other couples did. We're cool liddat kan sayang ? Now lets just keep our head straight and see what we got for each other. Thank you, fm.