Friday, December 23, 2011


Every time, you make me realize how much you deserve someone far better.
And every time, you shut me up by trying your hardest to make me understand that you don't want anyone else.

I'm stubborn, I'm ego, I'm hard to be with. But you tolerated with it all, lowered every last bit of your ego and put up with me like no one else ever would.

Never will I understand why you have so much love for me, for someone like me. 
Someone who told you from the start, to leave me for someone who actually deserves that massive amount of love you have for me. 

They think of all the bad things when it comes to you, 
but they don't know you like I do.
They don't get to see you like how I'm able to. 

You're different when you're with me, and that's all that matters.
You're unlike the rest, and I know if I ever let you go,
I would never come across a person like you ever again. 

Never have it occurred to me, that it was possible for someone to love another person so much
The way you do me. 

I was so terrified to love again, until you came along.
And you make me fall for you.

168 days, and still counting alhamdulillah.
Its hard, but we're stronger and i do hope its gonna worth in the end.