Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perfect Lover itu bukan aku.

  So easy to forget our love and all the things we do. Like calling for no reason just to say the words 'Baby Iloveyou'. I know lately i've been busy but a second doesnt go by without you crossing my mind. It's been so long since we had time, so i guess lets take a day and make everything right. I want you to take my hands and fall in love with me again. Lets runaway to the place where love first found us. Lets runaway to the day where we dont need anyone around us.When everything in love gets so complicated, it only takes a day to change it. All i need is a day. You've been so patient, spending nights alone and not complaining. But i'll make it up to you and i promise today i wont keep you waiting. Please give me this one chance to remind you of everything we have. I wont give up, im so much in love and i want you to know..

I'll stand up with you forever <3