Friday, May 13, 2011

Congratulations !

Goodmorning people ! Hihi howya doing ?*bajet kat tibi pulak. Hope you people doing great.  And here i wanted to say 
                      CONGRATULATIONS SWEETHEART !

Heheh i woke up this morning, and so i check my phone as it is my usual routine, checking whether did my boo text me or not. He texted me cakap dia mintak maaf as he wont be able to see me today*dia ada game rugby kat asia jaya and dia nak bawak gua tapi screw maniac acidman i am gerawndeddddddddddddd, tak boleh keluar rumah, safety sake. Screw you maniac people -__- So supposedly habis game dia nak jumpa gua , dia nak singgah ampang, but as you guys can seee, he cant make it. Sedih, sedih. In other way round, im happy and so proud of him.

He got elected to join the Sukma team ! Hoyeah ! Go baby ! Okay enough.

Hello there mr rugby
Congratulations sweetie, hehe and the end of my mushiness :p

                                                                     #now playing Long Distance- Bruno Mars