Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What girls want.

Every girl wants to find the one she can be herself in front of the one she can say anything to and the one she can laugh smile and cry with.

Some one that she can’t stand a day without seeing or talking to because its in her daily routine.

Someone she can never get tired of.

Someone who just stays home with her and watch movies with all day, and talk on the phone for hours talking about everything or maybe even nothing. 

Someone that got her spending all day and all night staring at her phone, 
waiting for it to vibrate and light up with his name.

Someone that she fights with for hours, even days about something so stupid and pointless, but at the end of the day, she ALWAYS finds herself running back to

Someone that smiles when he sees her, hug her for no reason, talk to her without any conditions and love her for who she is.

She wants someone who will fight for her and won’t give up so easily.
 Not trying to be selfish, but she just wants someone to call hers.

* ini mahu aku sayang. Bisakah kau ?